Once upon a time, our choice of peanut butter came down to two options: crunchy or smooth.

These days it’s a whole different and rather overwhelming story. The huge array of nut butter options available is enough to give anyone a mini heart attack in the middle of your food shop.

I mean, they may as well have a dedicated aisle to themselves.

With nut and seed butters showing up literally everywhere, from our timelines to every single shop out there – it’s got us wondering what are the best nut and seed butters we can get our hands on?

After searching high and low and gathering Healthista HQ for multiple socially distanced food tastings (we still aren’t nut-buttered out). The Healthista team are officially 60 per cent nut and seed butter – but we aren’t complaining.

From nut butters you have never heard of to creative flavours that will blow your mind we have complied a list of the best new nut and seed butters.

#1 Pip & Nut Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter, £2.25 

‘Long-time peanut butter addict’ Pippa Murray started Pip and Nut in 2013 in her own kitchen as a post-run snack, going through many a food processers in the process.

A 15g serving has:

  • 85 Calories
  • 7g of Fat
  • 3g of Protein
  • 0.07g of Salt

The Pip and Nut crunchy maple peanut butter is a must try, especially when you need some fuel after a marathon of Sex in the City.

It is suitable for vegans so can be enjoyed by all.

During our tasting many liked the ‘subtle sweetness of the maple syrup,’ while crunchy texture from the peanut butter helps to bring in some depth.

And to think that this flavour was limited edition once upon a time…

#2 Yumello Salted Date Almond Butter, £4.95

If bold flavours are your thing, then look no further than Yumello’s salted date almond butter.

A 15g serving has:

  • 84 Calories
  • 7.3g of Fat
  • 2.9g of Protein
  • 0.1g of Salt

Yumello founders Esther and Omar draw their inspiration from the Atlas Mountains, Taghazout (were Omar grew up).

Their mission is creating nut butters that ‘sings and celebrates the Berber people’s sheer inventiveness and adventurous soul.’

Instead of palm oil Yumello use argan oil which they source from their partner cooperative, ‘providing jobs for hundreds of women, who get paid fairly.’ An homage to his heritage results in magic in our mouths.

As a result of the argan oil, the nut butter has a smooth spreadable texture that is creamy and rich in flavour.

After tasting it we found there to be ‘a nice balance between sweet and saltiness’ as the dates add natural sweetness, but nothing too over powering.

#3 Nut Blend Golden Nut Butter, £3.25 

Gabriella, the founder of Nut Blend, began making a natural nut butter that would be able to satisfy ‘indulgent’ cravings in a nutritious and delicious way.

So that means you can enjoy this nut butter guilt free.

A 15g serving has:

  • 96 Calories
  • 8.9g of Fat
  • 2.1g of Protein
  • 0.0g of Salt
  • 1.2g of Fibre

If there is one thing we love about Nut Blend – other than their great flavours – is their message of total product transparency when it comes to their ingredients.

The only food brand on the market that add zero sugar including natural syrup; not even salt or oils.

The golden nut butter is a blend of almonds, macadamia nuts and coconuts – hello tropical vibes.

I have never tried macadamia nuts as a nut butter, but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It has the perfect amount of coconut with a nutty and rich flavour thanks to the almonds, while the macadamia nuts add a creamy yet velvety texture.

#4 Butter Bike co Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter, £5.00

Jeni Reeve is a self-proclaimed one-woman empire. She would blend her own recipes of nut butters, back in 2017, to keep her fueled on her adventures.

Today, you can find Butter Bike co jars of joy on shelves across the South West and available nationwide via their website.

Per 100g serving:

  • 568 Calories
  • 41g of Fat
  • 23g of Protein
  • 0.4g of Salt
  • 1.2g of Fibre

Each batch is handmade, which we absolutely love, as this makes sure every bite is is perfect.

Although there is no added sugar, the natural sweetness from the raisins is all you need to satisfy a sweet tooth.

The warmth of the cinnamon and combination of semi crunchy peanut butter creates a great combo. No need to worry when you’re eating the peanut butter as there are no add sugars.

However, proceed with caution because once you pick up a spoon you may not be able to put it down.

#5 Sead Sesame Butter with Caramel, £3.99

Georgia, the founder of Sead, was introduced to tahini 2018. Her ‘tahini addiction’, which I definitely have too, led her to create Sead.

A sesame seed company that focuses on the production and ingredients of their products.

A 15g serving has:

  • 95 Calories
  • 7.5g of Fat
  • 3.6g of Protein
  • 0.03g of Salt

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more protein in your diet pick up a jar at Holland and Barret.

Initially the taste of the sesame seeds can be quite strong but as it fades the sweetness of the caramel come through.

I was quite shocked that there is no refined added sugar, and the caramel is made up of organic coconut blossom nectar and organic refined sugar.

We have crowned this seed butter best for cooking. The silky texture makes it really adaptable to put in lots of dishes and not just on a slice of toast.