We are recommended to have our five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Adhering to this requirement means eating a bowl of salad and having fruit with every meal, a task which most of us find quite daunting. Smoothies provide a great way to make us eat healthy. All we have to do is mix together the servings of fruits and vegetables with some liquid, and drink it. 
Because of the ingredients they contain, healthy fruit smoothies are full of vitamins and minerals which are essential for good health. There is no limit to the kind of fruit or fruit combination’s that you can come up with; they can be simple or exotic. The choice greatly depends on taste and nutritional needs. Using fresh or frozen ones does not matter much since they still have the same nutrients. People may vary in their tastes but some fruits are more commonly used than others. Three of the most popular are bananas, blueberries and strawberries. 

1. Bananas:

Bananas are great when mixed with nuts or peanut butter. The result is a very creamy drink which is a favorite for many. To make this banana smoothie, you have to mix 2 medium bananas with raw nuts, vanilla stevia and 1 pear with a half cup of water into a blender and blend for 20 seconds. In less than a minute, a healthy beverage can be enjoyed. This drink is full of potassium, a mineral which has been to help in maintaining a healthy circulatory system and is used in the proper functioning of muscles. It also regulates the acid levels in the stomach and lowers the risk of developing stomach ulcers. The fiber content aids in digestion as well.

2. Blueberries:

Blueberries are one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and their benefits are numerous. This fruit prevails urinary tract infections, prevails macular degeneration of the eyes, slows down aging, promotes brain function, prevents constipation, aids in digestion, advances and cures cancer and boosts the immune system. This is due to the antibiotic properties of blueberries as well as the carotenoids and flavonoids contained in them, along with vitamins, zinc, phosphorus and selenium. If you want to achieve these benefits, try blending 1 banana and 1 cup of blueberries with vanilla stevia, lemon juice, a cup of water and ice cubes. You can then enjoy your glasses of blueberry-flavored healthy fruits smoothies. 

3. Top Fruits Ingredients:

Among the three top fruit ingredients, strawberries are perhaps the most well-known. An easy-to-make smoothie recipe calls for 1 banana, 1cup strawberries, vanilla stevia, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a cup of water and ice cubes. Because strawberry is very versatile, other fruits can be added to this basic mixture. Strawberries are good for the heart. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol and raises the level of the good ones. It regulates blood pressure and keeps it normal. Aside from these properties, the fruit contains antioxidants that combat cell damage. What’s more, it is very low in calories and has no cholesterol and sodium. 
These healthy fruit smoothies indeed provide us with what our bodies needs. We must be thankful that being fit is within anyone’s reach, if only we are willing to commit to living a healthy lifestyle.