How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy:

Do you want to lose weight fast? And still do not want to stress yourself much? Do you want to achieve your weight loss with much ease? If your answer is yes to all the above questions, then here you are at the right place. We will show you how to lose weight faster, easier, and still efficiently. By saying “efficiently”, I mean “lose your weight and keep your weight loss a permanent one”.

Tips and Tricks How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy:

Read and practice our entire collection of expertise ideas and tips on weight loss. You can carry them out with much ease.

45 minutes walk a day

A walk for 45 minutes every day will help you lose weight by burning body fat. Even if you eat the same diet that you are eating at present, if you walk for 45 minutes daily, you will lose 30 pounds in a year’s time. Walking also keeps away stress, boosts your energy level, lowers your blood pressure, raises your good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces your likelihood of diabetes and osteoporosis.

Read weight-loss success stories

Wondering what you would get by just reading someone else’s success story? There is something more to it than just being a story. Such true stories inspire and motivate you to lose weight. You tend to get rid of that down pulling “I can never do it” feeling. Beside, you get to know a lot of working tips on weight loss. Yes, it truly pays when you get to know of others’ success.

Blue color works for weight loss

Have you ever even thought that there can be a relationship between a color that you see and your body’s weight? Sounds absurd, is not it? But it is true. Blue color acts as an appetite suppressant and that is the reason you do not find many fast food restaurants colored blue. So use blue plates to serve your foods on, wear blue colored clothes, hang curtains of blue color, and use a blue color table cloth. Surround the areas you keep your food and consume your food in blue. Avoid orange, yellow and red colors in these places. They have controversial effects on your eating habits and make you eat more.

Use smaller plates

Downsizing your plates offer you control over your portions. Any studies have found that one tend to eat whatever amount of food that is kept in front of him or her. The more the amount of food in front of you, the more you tend to take. On the other hand, the less the amount of food placed before you, the less you eat. So switch to smaller plates. Serving your meals in a smaller plate will restrict the amount of food you eat to a certain level, no matter how much hungry you are. Use salad plates of 7 to 9 inches width for having your meals.

Looking at a mirror when you eat works!

Eating while looking at yourself in a mirror will reduce the portion that you consume by one-third. It is unbelievable, right? But it has been proved by a study. There seems to be some reflection of your own inner goals and standards when you look at yourself in the mirror. This reflection reminds you of the reason behind your motivation to lose weight. So hang a mirror on the other side of your dining table such that you can look at yourself when you are eating.

Consume water-rich foods

A study by the Pennsylvania State University has found that consuming water-rich foods at your meals lowers your overall calorie intake. Water-rich foods such as zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes taken during your meals will work. You can also include other foods like salads and soups that are also water-rich.

Eat Fruits and vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables in large amounts. They have fewer calories, zero fat and high amounts of dietary fiber. They make you feel full because of their bulkiness. Besides they also provide you with lots of minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals. So your health gets improved and alongside you lose weight. Fruits like berries and apples have higher amount of pectin and therefore act as fat burning foods. Vegetables like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and cabbages also trigger weight loss.

Avoid foods containing corn, sugar and fructose syrup

Any food preparation that contains the syrup of corn, sugar or fructose should be avoided if you want to lose weight. Look at the labels of the food packages. If any of these ingredients are present just keep them away.

Practice slow and composed eating

When you eat slowly and in a calm manner, by tasting each and every morsel of food that enters your mouth, you tend to eat less. Do you know why? This is because, your brain gets the information that your stomach is full only minutes later than when your stomach got actually full. Eating slowly gives your brain time to catch up the info that you are full and you do not need more food.

Avoid eating in large groups

A research paper published in the Journal of Physiological behavior said that people tend to eat much more when eating in large groups. This may be due to the increased time spent at the dining table which is a characteristic feature of eating in large groups. However, if you are eating with a close circle of friends or with your family members, you tend to take time to chew, taste and relish your food, which in turn helps in portion control of food. This is because your slow eating helps your brain to catch up with your stomach’s “full feel” sooner.

Spend less time in television watching

The more you watch television, the more you tend to eat. This has been shown in a study involving seventy six undergraduate students. Cut down on your TV watching for at least one hour per day. You can utilize this time for taking a walk, or cleaning your home. You will lose weight without much physical effort on your part.